My name is Andy White and AGW Technologies is the culmination of a lifelong passion for technology in all its forms. Having spent over 20 years working in the corporate IT and Technology world, and just as many years supporting family and friends with all their technical needs and challenges, it was very clear to me that there was too much misinformation and misunderstanding in this ever changing technical world, and that people were often struggling to get honest and trust worthy advice and service.

I would often become frustrated and angry to hear stories from people who were struggling with their technology because it had been miss sold, or because people hadn’t received or couldn’t get access to the right help and advice. After becoming jaded and disillusioned with the corporate world, I decided my skills and experience would be more valued and better appreciated if they were focussed on helping individuals and small business with their IT, Audio Visual and Home Technology needs.

It was very important to setup the business on solid foundations, so it was designed around these 4 core values:

  • Be Honest
  • Be Reliable
  • Be Responsive
  • Be Trustworthy

My mission is to provide SMART IT, Audio Visual and Home Technology services to the people and small businesses of Cornwall, which cuts through the jargon and complexity, ensuring the maximum value and enjoyment is achieved from their technology.

My vision is that everyone in Cornwall has access to high quality, honest advice and services for all their IT, Audio Visual and Home Tech needs.

Having strong family ties to Cornwall, as well as a lifelong love of the county, there was only one logical place I could set the business up. Being able to serve the people of the South West is the opportunity of a life time, and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Andy White MCP, ESC-T, ESC-N

Technical Director and Founder of AGW Technologies