CEDIA Certified professionals know what it takes to deliver the best in home technology and have demonstrated
their expertise by passing one of CEDIA’s four professional certification exams. Whether they’re installing
entertainment, music, lighting control, or security, CEDIA Certified individuals have the training and skills to make all your home technology come together into one seamless experience.

In a fast-changing industry, these individuals are committed to staying on top of the new trends, technologies, and industry standards, making them an ideal partner to help you navigate the exciting yet complex world of home technology and connected devices. All CEDIA Certified professionals are required to maintain their certification status through continuing education.

Whether you’re building the smart home of your dreams or upgrading your current system, look for someone with a CEDIA Certification to be your trusted partner and get the job done right.


ESC (Electronic Systems Certified)
Individuals with this certification have a broad understanding of industry and business best practices. This certification represents early career technicians or professionals with deep industry experience who primarily work in non-technical roles.

ESC-T (Technician)
The exam for this certification covers the technical foundation of the residential systems industry. Individuals with this certification are well-versed in a variety of subjects including installation techniques, calibration, troubleshooting, and integrated control systems.

ESC-N (Networking Specialist)
This certification requires an advanced understanding of networking principles and standards. ESC-N Certified individuals have mastered the art of designing, installing, and configuring complex home networks – think of them as certified “residential IT” experts.

ESC-D (Designer)
These professionals have deep knowledge in a wide range of technical topics and a comprehensive understanding of the design process including needs assessment, documentation, and project management.

Founded in 1989, CEDIA is the international association for home technology professionals and provides the industry with education, standards, certification, research, and advocacy.

Find out more information about CEDIA at: www.cedia.co.uk