A Home Automation System Can Save You Time.

Eradicate small daily tasks that you probably do without ever realising which, compounded over a day, week, month or year, is at the cost of the time you could be doing something you really enjoy.

How long does it take to open all the blinds and curtains each morning as the household wakes up? Maybe a few minutes? If we do that every day, then by the end of the week it’s a much more significant number and then if we extrapolate that to a yearly figure, the question should be asked: “Would I rather spend that time engaging with my family before they go to school or work for the day?”

We all lead busy lives but just a few minutes for some can change the direction of their entire day. Our home automation control systems can be programmed so that all the blinds or shades in a property can be opened at a predetermined time before or after sunrise/sunset using the astronomical clock, meaning you won’t ever have to open another blind again in the morning.

Remote Access Gives You Peace Of Mind.

Picture this. You’ve bundled the kids into the car to drop them off at school or nursery before heading off to the station to catch the train that usually grants you a seat all the way into work, allowing you the comfort to browse the internet, read a book, or send some business emails.

For a moment the thought crosses your mind “Did I lock the front door?”  Or “switch all the lights and televisions off?” One of the best features of having a connected home is that you have control over every connected device in your home from anywhere and at any time, through the use of an app on your smartphone. You can check which lights were left on and if the doors are locked from the comfort of your seat on the train heading into work.

Improved Home Security.

Through the implementation of lighting control, network connected video cameras, motion sensors and a control system, your home is considerably more secure than just having the deterrent of a loud alarm going off if a window is broken.

A control system can schedule for lights to come on and off within the property at predetermined or random times to give the impression to the outside world, that someone is home even when they are not.

A control system can also send you an image to your email address if it detects motion in part of the property when the alarm is activated. This imagery can then be forwarded to law enforcement authorities notifying them that a crime is taking place and they can send someone to investigate.

Bespoke System Tailoring

We’ve probably all experienced it in some way that we learn how to use technology the way the manufacturer built their system rather than a bespoke system built around the way you live your life.

Let’s say you wanted to watch a movie after a long day at work or looking after your children. You may have to pick up at least three or four remote controls in order to get the correct movie up on screen ready for you to watch. You might then want to dim the lights to a cosy brightness that will allow you to be fully immersed in the film. You might also want to close the blinds and turn the heating up slightly.

These are lots of different processes and procedures that would have to be executed manually before you can sit down to relax. A control system with one button press can get you straight to the movie selection screen while it takes care of all the other processes. Just sit back and relax.

Increase The Value Of Your Home Through Technology.

We speak with estate agents and property professionals all the time, and they all tell us that having a home automation system in your property will raise its value when the time comes to sell. Imagine being able to list all the benefits outlined already to a potential buyer? Never mind the fact that in the early days it’s incredibly fun to get used to and after a small period of learning, it becomes embedded in the way you live. This could be a huge differentiator compared to a property that may be similar in size, finish and location but doesn’t have a home automation control system. In fact, properties over a particular value are expected to have a control system installed and maintained.

Credit to Rich Coleman at Luxe Smart Homes