In a world where more and more things are now connected to our home networks, how well are they protected from the bad guys? The Internet of Things or IoT is a hot topic and is creating a world where anything that has a plug can also be connected to the internet. This affords us a fantastic opportunity to make life easier and more convenient, but it also means we increase our likelihood of being hacked and our devices being used against us. You can’t install virus scan software, firewalls and anti malware software on your Nest thermostat or on your SMART TV, so how do you protect your tech in the IoT world?  You might be thinking that my router has a firewall so I’m well protected, but unfortunately the firewall in your standard router is no longer good enough to fully protect you in this new and ever changing world of connected devices. If you are  tech savvy you might also think if you have a state full packet inspection firewall (SPI) then that is offering you good protection.

Unfortunately standard routers, even ones with SPI are no longer good enough to fully protect all your connected devices. Fortunately though the security world has started to wake up to the need for better protection for home users and their devices, this has led to the development of next generation secure routers which are specifically designed for IoT world and use firewall technology which has been developed and perfected in the enterprise corporate world over many years. Well known security companies like Norton and Bitdefender have already released a new “secure” routers to the market and more are on the way. AGW Technologies has the knowledge and expertise in network security and the next generation secure home routers, so why not give us a call and find out how we can ensure all your devices have the maximum level of protection from would be hackers.

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